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To publicise the launch of their new game Dead Island: Riptide, Koch Media came up with the idea of staging a real zombie wedding. A national competition was held to find a suitable couple and an ex-church in London's Mayfair district was chosen as the location for what was undoubtedly one of the best PR stunts of the year.
To help ensure maximum media coverage this highlights video and associated b-roll were turned around and released within hours of the event finishing. It was shot on 2 cameras with one camera mounted on a portable jib to capture the full spectacle of this unique event.
 The organisers of the Develop Awards in Brighton believe that the best advocates for their event are the recipients of their awards. That's why each year, we're called in to film interviews with the winners seconds after they come off stage. This highlights video for 2013 is only just over a minute long but hopefully it perfectly communicates not just what the night is all about, but just why the awards are so special.
 A good highlights video can really help you grow your event year on year. For the organisers of the third annual Musical Instrument Retail Conference & Expo it was important that their film captured just what it is that both exhibitors and attendees get from the event. They also wanted it to re-enforce the change of venue. And what was the best way to do this? Get some beautiful shots of the venue and speak to the exhibitors and visitors, of course.
 When Popcap returned from Gamescom with a bag full of footage of their Zombies causing mayhem, they turned to us to edit it. This is the result. Oh and about 100,000 views.
 The Pok√©mon video games are enjoyed by millions worldwide, and each year tens of thousands of the best players take part in an extremely well organised world championships. When we were called in to film the UK national champs we wanted to convey the excitement and passion playing the game competitively inspires, as well as the event's unique community atmosphere.
 For the journalists who write about video games for a living, the Games Media Awards is a treasured annual event. As its scale is fairly intimate, there are very few seats available for anyone other than the nominees, so the highlights video is a crucial tool for communicating to others including potential sponsors just what happens there and just how it brings together all the key players in games media.
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